Auld Lochnagar 200g

Cambus O'May Cheese

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Handcrafted Cambus O'May Cheese

All of our cheeses are handcrafted using unpasteurised milk from traditional recipes. Unlike mass-produced cheese that is standard in consistency and often unexciting in taste, cheese made with raw milk boasts a wealth of interesting flavours and textures. Part of the charm of producing raw milk cheeses is the difference in flavour that comes with different seasons so expect subtle changes in the cheese as the year goes on.

Auld Lochnagar 200g

Auld Lochnagar is an age-old family recipe almost as old as the mountain itself. The ancient art of cheese-making was as much about maturing as it was about the process. Alex, too, believes in allowing plenty of time to allow a cheese to mature fully. Auld Lochnagar is a perfect example of this as it gently matures for up to 12 months allowing the full depth of flavour to develop.



Unpasteurised cow's milk


Traditional (plus annatto colouring)


British Cow - hard



Made by

Alex Reid


Product of Scotland


The award-winning Auld Lochnagar, matured up to 12 months, has all the strengths of maturity. The cheese is nutty and slightly savoury and really develops in depth of flavour and character as it becomes older - a real mountain of a cheese!


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